Bernadette McClelland:

Starting to feel you are losing control of your sales opportunities? Ever second guessed your capabilities, relevance and intention in today's sales environment?
Want to create a culture that challenges the old way of selling and promotes growth and contribution?

Then let's have a conversation because I bridge that gap where Sales Professionals authentically understand how to STEP UP, SHOW UP and SPEAK UP, because THAT is their unique competitive advantage in today's rapidly evolving world of B2B Sales


Keynote Speaking

Whether you are looking to motivate large audiences at annual conferences or activate your local team on a critical initiative, Bernadette can lead a conversation that accelerates your results.

Goal: Reinvigorate Your Audience.


Workshops and Sales Meetings

Whether you are looking to change your sales process, align to your target buyer, or jumpstart innovation initiatives, we can help you lead and drive that transformation within your organization.

Goal: Define Steps to Achieve Goals


Implementation and Execution

Whether you are looking to pilot a new concept within your organization, are in need of a personal sounding board or would like your high achievers to realise their potential even more, we can help you.

Goal: Jumpstart Revenue Generation