My Name Is Bernadette and I Help SMBs, Sales Teams and Associations Generate Greater Client Respect, Market Relevance and The Right Kind Of Results – On Purpose!

For any change to occur you MUST shift the way you think about yourself and the way you show up. Period.

Meet Your Next Keynote Speaker, Sales Trainer and Executive Coach

We are all different, but we are all the same. We want the shortcuts, we want someone else’s opinion and we want certainty around our many doubts.


We love a different voice, we thrive on new perspectives and we are challenged with deeper questions.


Especially for those high performers who are struggling to differentiate themselves and don’t know how and those businesses who are not making their numbers, yet do not know why!


My path is to help you think differently – to make a difference.


And where my strengths unashamedly lie is in asking the challenging questions through executive coaching, rolling my sleeves up and diving in to strategy and pipeline qualification to help you move your sales along through sales mentoring, workshops and sales meetings,  sharing fresh, provocative and  thought provoking insights and ideas through keynote speakingand telling real life stories that inspire and create change through my writing, so…


You might want to check out whether or not we are a fit. There is my professional and personal story and the fantastic partnerships with which I have aligned myself so I can easily support and expand my commercial offering to clients, just like you.


This is What Our Clients Want and What We Guarantee You Will Also Get

Defined Personal Value

Greater Client Respect

More Market Relevance

The Right Results

Cool Resources For You To Use (And Not Abuse)

Here’s some ideas, strategies and tactics  to help you in today’s highly competitive, highly comparative and highly crazy sales environment. Choose your best mode of learning from the selection below and do what you do well!