My Name Is Bernadette And I Help Businesses and Salespeople 'Do Sales' Differently

The normal way of buying and selling has changed. The New Normal calls for a different conversation and that conversation now centres around The Art of Commercial Conversations and the shift toward Conscious Selling which is driven by alignment and values.

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Bernadette McClelland - Keynote Speaking

Keynote Speaking

Whether you are looking to motivate large audiences at annual conferences or activate your local team on a critical initiative, I can help you lead a conversation that educates, inspires and shifts thinking to achieve those results that matter the most.

Goal: Reinvigorate Your Audience.

Bernadette McClelland - Keynote Speaking

Workshops and Sales Meetings

Whether you are looking to gain clarity around your sales process and purpose, align to your target buyer and their values, or jumpstart innovation initiatives, I can help you lead and drive that transformation within your team and your business.

Goal: Jumpstart Revenue Generation

Bernadette McClelland - Keynote Speaking

Assessments and Execution

Whether you are looking to objectively evaluate your people and your business, are in need of a personal sounding board or want to experience having a team of ‘A’ players all exceeding your expectations, I can help provide you resources.

Goal: Evaluate Your Team For Growth