When Your going Through Hell, Keep Going!


When You Are Going Through Hell, Keep Going’ is a book that takes you on a personal journey of denial and despair to a world of curiosity, uncertainty and eventual self conviction and personal strength.
When You Are Going Through Hell, Keep On Going – Bernadette McClelland
Bernadette and Tim McClelland share their innermost feelings, experiences, fears and outcomes after losing their business, their homes, their material possessions and nearly Bernadette’s life after she fell victim to a debilitating illness that kept her bedridden literally for all of 2009.

What they found instead increased their love and support for each other to infinity and beyond and a commitment to their immediate family that is second to none. They discovered their life’s purpose with a drive to change their place in the world for the better and the lives of those around them.

This book is a balanced combination of emotion and practicalities that will assist you in moving through your own kind of hell, whatever that looks like or sounds like to you. It will invite you to shift your thinking, your meanings, your direction and your ideas of what life is about and to celebrate what you do have.

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