‘Cheat Sheets’ To Help You Sell More and Make A Difference in Your Buyer’s World – And Yours!

How To Create A Compelling Proposal – Template #1


  • What if you’re not in the boardroom?
  • And your proposal is!
  • Use these 7 steps to ensure your proposal becomes your salesperson and demonstrates real value so you win the business!

The Ultimate Demonstration Matrix – Template #2


  • Do you offer trials or demonstrations of your product?
  • Whether it be a photocopier or a pair of wellington boots, this tool will streamline your ability to help the buyer see the value in what you are offering and why.
  • Use this two page ‘cheat sheet’ to direct your conversation to one of true value.

27 Provocative Sales Questions Winners Ask– Template #3


  • The quality of a sales persons questions will determine the quality of their prospects answers.
  • How many of these 27 provocative questions do you feel comfortable asking?
  • Craft your conversations with purpose and precision.

A 6 Step Cold Calling Matrix To Get Your Foot In The Door – Template #4


  • The most misunderstood component to finding new customers and getting your foot in the door can be identified and overcome with this sales resource.
  • How can you advance the sale if you can’t get the appointment.
  • Discover why you are not selling your product but your time.

3 Stages To Creating Your Value Conversation – Template #5


  • Try out this easy way to position your benefit statement.
  • Learn 3 stages that show your prospect how much you ‘get them’ and their business challenges.
  • Gain clarity on the problems your customers say they have and elevate your commercial conversations today.