In The Spotlight Interviews That Impact

From a casual and impromptu chat putting Bernadette under the spotlight asking her opinion on the shift in sales leadership today, to a formal boardroom interview for the CEO Institute and International Institute of Directors and Managers on what sabotages sales success, to international Google Hangouts and broadcasted radio interviews on what makes marketing and sales leadership work, there is no more visible and authentic way to share your ideas than under any spotlight.

We will keep adding ideas on personal leadership, thought leadership and sales leadership in order to expand your business, shorten your sales cycles and guide the operation of your leadership from a place of both purpose and profit. For more ideas to catapult your results, please contact me here

Under The Spotlight


MBAON how the sales process has changed over time and communicates what can be done to be even more effective in this area of business. Listen HERE

Join People First Productivity Solutions for this March 1 broadcast of “The First Sale Is Always To Yourself,” featuring Australia’s leading sales expert Bernadette McClelland. Show host Deb Calvert will interview McClelland on her new book.

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