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Keynote #1: ChangeMakers

Dare to BE the Change; Dare to LEAD The Change



In this keynote you will:

  • Discover the fresh change that is being embraced in business today as well as meeting the need for each of us to be totally joyful, successful and fulfilled on a personal basis.
  • Understand how to challenge and disrupt your own status quo without that anchor of fear and the ‘not good enough’ shingle hanging around your neck
  • Learn why ordinary is NOT OK, mediocrity has had its day and buying into brilliance is the change people are dying to see from their leaders… and you!
  • Uncover the principles behind the success and shifts for you, your business, your team and others you have the opportunity to inspire, by you daring to push your own envelope even further

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In the words of Ritu Ghatourey “The adventure of life is to learn. The purpose of life is to grow. The nature of life is to change. The challenge of life is to overcome. The essence of life is to care. The opportunity of like is to serve. The secret of life is to dare. The spice of life is to befriend. The beauty of life is to give”. We are all ChangeMakers!

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Keynote #2: conVALUsations

The Time is NOW for Value Driven Sales Conversations


conVALUsationsThis is Bernadette’s most popular keynote and identifies how sales is not what it used to be and how, whilst the game of selling may be the same the rules have most certainly changed and a new conversation needs to be had.

In this keynote you will:

  • Discover the mindsets salespeople must kick start their day with to successfully sell in the 21st century
  • Learn the modern day seller approaches, the ‘aha .. I now get it’ focus within a sales conversation and the grown up outcomes customers are expecting
  • Become even more results focused and purpose driven once you own your new persona and watch your levels of certainty fly off the charts
  • Understand it’s OK to be you – you might just need a tweak or two
  • Oh… and one more, make more sales!
Bernadette believes salespeople change lives! She is passionate about helping sales individuals, sales leaders and sales teams to get the results that matter the most and for the world to see salespeople really are the good guys. A veteran corporate saleswoman from a male dominated IT environment, she brings to the table proven, fresh new strategies for multi-million dollar sales conversations.

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Keynote #3: LeaderEdge

Inspiring Greatness in Others


LeaderEdgeLeaders today need to transform. They need to shift not just processes, but people, by helping their people shift themselves. They must create new worlds for the people around them to give them that space – and that can be challenging!

In this keynote you will:

  • Uncover the organising principles for leading with inspiration and direction
  • Learn how to tap into the spirit of those around you, create meaning and change the game
  • Discover the archetypes of a true leader who knows it’s not about managing change but embodying how and why change must happen
  • Discover and own the values of you as a leader, live those values and leverage those values to make the world a better place.
Bernadette has always been an implementer and knows there comes a time where you have to step up to the plate and help others to the same thing. A Telstra Award and Powercorp winner, award winning speaker, author, lead peak performance coach for Anthony Robbins for Asia Pacific and the most important leadership role of all – a mother, she is able to share leadership skills second to none that will categorically shift your world, move your soul and give you the edge to create the results that matter the most to you and those around you.

(NB: Event Organisers – For a complete copy of one of her live presentations please email

For a PDF of Bernadette’s Speakers Brochure Download Here


I would like to commend you for your work. It is extremely encouraging to hear from a female keynote speaker, as a large majority of the presentations I have attended in the past are delivered by males. Your presentations (in all forms – in person, on CD and in documents) are clear and easy to understand. Your points bring things back to the basics. They are factors that are easy to achieve, but no doubt, will make a large impact on the career of any salesperson.
I would just like to add that your presentation was very natural & uplifting especially to a room of over 400 delegates. I am a member of the management team and change has been integral to our survival!
I will be recommending you as a presenter for next year’s conference.
Annual Conference , Sensis