Keynote Speaking

I will never forget the first time I was in a room with somebody who spoke to my head and to my heart. Where it wasn’t about spreadsheets and statistics. Who took a message and delivered it in such a way that it created a logical, emotional and physical shift in my world.  Who told me relevant stories mixed in with intelligent insights.


To be able to share ideas in such an authentic, meaningful and practical way is life or career defining for your audience. It is what being a ChangeMaker is all about.


For me, as a speaker, my metric for success is:


  • For one person to have a light bulb moment that creates a ripple effect in their world
  • For one sales team to shift their level of conviction, relevance and intention to contribute to the business
  • For one business to create a shift in the economy and community to create prosperity for the greater good.

This is my purpose.


I know that everyone in my audiences, whether there be 1 or 1000, has the ability to raise their bar, to step up, show up and speak up more than they are doing now. If I can, anyone can.

Whether you are looking to motivate large audiences at annual conferences or activate your local team on a critical initiative, I can lead a conversation that moves your people and will take them on an intellectual and emotional journey propelling them forward to gain even more clarity around their roles, results and relationships.

Signature Keynote Themes include:

For Sales Teams, Associations and Businesses:

‘The Future of Sales Leadership’

It’s about more than the art of commercial conversations, it’s about growth and selling a difference in today’s connection economy.

‘Leading From The Inside Out’

In this uncertain world where AI – Artificial Intelligence is repurposing and reassigning our roles, what is going to keep us front of mind and differentiate us from the masses. A new kind of AI – Amplified Intelligence.

‘Beyond Resilience’

Uncover the neuroscience behind anti-fragility and human connections, understand why resilience is not enough in today’s mad busy world and  identify how to make sense out of chaos when curved balls are thrown our way.

“I wasn’t planning to sit through the session fully and I ended up spending one and a half hours because Bernadette did captivate me”

Madhavan P, Vice President TATA Teleservices, New Delhi, India

Bernadette McClelland

NOTE FOR CONFERENCE ORGANISERS: To discuss how I can best serve you and your audience as well as receive a copy of my availability, schedule, fee structure and requirements to help you plan and make your event a success, please contact my  office on 61 3 9746 2171 or contact us here.