Top Sales World (UK)

I have been affiliated with Top Sales World, under the leadership of Jonathan Farrington, for top 50 bloga number of years. Apart from being fortunate enough to be one of the recipients of ‘Book of the Month’, ‘Top 50 Blogs’ and other accolades for Top Sales World, I am a regular contributor and enjoy partnering with global community of sales leadership experts and authorities.

McClelland-new-Large1000Their monthly magazine is distributed to 100’s of thousands of salespeople, business owners and sales leaders, and I am also thrilled to have been asked to speak at Europe’s largest Sales Innovation Expo on behalf of Top Sales World.


Please don’t hesitate to subscribe to their complementary insightful and inspirational sales collateral here.

Objective Management Group

We understand that sometimes it is best to outsource the driving and implementing of new approaches in order to produce the best results.


It is for this reason that I have partnered with the OMG Group, a global leader in the objective evaluation of sales people and organisations. Collaboratively, we work with CEO’s and executives to increase revenue and profitability. Our clients include many SMB businesses, both here in Australia as well as the UK, NZ, Asia and the USA, who are committed to grow their businesses through investment in the revenue generation process.


• Who in your sales organisation has what it takes to become a top performer?
• With the right development, management and leadership, what are your people capable of?
• How many opportunities are being wasted by salespeople who make excuses?
• What do you need to do right now to build revenue and profit?


Do you believe that it’s important to be able to answer these questions? We do.
In most organisations, the top few salespeople carry the rest of the sales team; can you imagine having a team of ‘A’ players all exceeding your expectations?


We can remove the risk of hiring the wrong salesperson and give you the ability to select ‘A’ players all of the time; those salespeople that drive growth and profitability.


Sales Masterminds Australasia
Sales Masterminds Australasia, commonly referred to as SMA, is a collective of B2B sales authorities and thought leaders who are independent of each other yet work together due to their common goal to elevate the profession of selling in Australia and NZ. I am proud to say as curator of this latest eBook we have some of the sharpest minds sharing their thoughts on sales leadership for 2016. Please download a copy as a PDF, and ePub file or a mobi file to be read on your device of choice.


Women Sales Pros (USA)
For a number of years now I have travelled to the USA to join this phenomenal group of women sales experts where we collaborate, share ideas, co-create and bring our thought leadership to the greater community for salespeople, business owners and sales leaders to grow their businesses. In addition, it is a vehicle for the amplification of the female voice in the typically alpha male sales environment. Please download a copy of our latest eBook in this PDF format and take your sales to another level.

About My Brain Institute
The About My Brain Institute develops brain-friendly leaders, teams and cultures through transformational experiences, digital tools and practical leadership training. In the sphere of B2B sales and sales leadership, what will differentiate one successful company from another is the leadership and the people. What will differentiate one sales professional from another is their levels of leadership.

The About My Brain Institute democratises sales leadership and neuroscience and in this VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world, businesses find themselves in today, we need to level up our intelligence and our go to market strategy in a way that is cutting edge. We invite you to view the offerings that Bernadette, her business – Sales Leaders Global P/L and the ABMi offers by clicking here.