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Bernadette McClelland

Keynote Speaking


Whether you are looking to motivate large audiences at annual conferences or activate your local team on a critical initiative, I can help you lead a conversation that educates, inspires and shifts thinking to achieve those results

Goal: Reinvigorate Your Audience

Bernadette McClelland
Bernadette McClelland - Keynote Speaker

Sales and Executive Coaching

Awakening Conviction in Your PEOPLE

Whether you are looking to objectively evaluate your people and your business, are in need of a personal sounding board or want to experience having a team of ‘A’ players all exceeding your expectations, I can help provide you the resources.

Goal: Prepare Your Team For Growth


Workshops, Master Classes, Sales Meetings

Adapting PEOPLE to their PROCESSES

Whether you are looking to gain clarity around your sales process and purpose, align to your target buyer and their values, or jumpstart innovation initiatives, I can help you lead and drive that transformation.

Goal: Jumpstart Revenue Generation


I hear you.

I already work with you.

Too many of you have already shared your challenges and fears with me.


And together  in a space of trust, openness and transparency, we have nailed those gaps.

  • We’ve increased your levels of conviction and certainty.
  • We’ve created a level of respect your clients really appreciate in a professional salesperson.
  • We’ve secured your relevance in not just your industry and market, but in your relationships  and results in all areas have been impacted.


More Sales.

Impressive Promotions.

Strengthened Relationships.


It’s pretty life changing.  Because you are making a difference.


I work closely with companies and people like you (see business page, 3 Red Folders) that are driving serious revenue change within their business and doing it in an intentional and conscious way because they have a culture that supports the growth of their people through strong values and a clear purpose.


No matter your industry, if you feel you would like to have a conversation with me in order to elevate your competitive advantage and activate those results that matter the most to you, please contact me directly on my office 61 3 9746 2171 or my mobile on 61 3 (0)457 3344 96. Alternately, you can email me here. I look forward to it.