Super Sales Sunday

Sometimes the best things happen in a moment of spontaneity. No makeup artist at the ready, no director and a microphone that… well… did the job pretty well.


All in all, how lucky can we be to eavesdrop on a one on one, face to face, cut to the chase interview with 10 of the world’s leading authorities in the space of B2B sales¬† sharing their thoughts, insights and leadership around everything from CRM utilisation, questions that get you discovered, win/loss ratios that make sure you keep lifting your bar…. and so much more.


It says there are 9 but we threw in an extra bonus interview to give you 10 interviews (either that or we made an error in judgment and couldn’t edit the video ticker)!


Please join Deb Calvert, Barb Giamanco, Cian McLoughlin, Joanne Black, Mark Hunter, Jason Jordon, Etien D’Hollander, Christina Maurer, Ago Cluytens and Tony Hughes as they chat with me around their individual fields of expertise and thought leadership.


Sit back, choose your expert and enjoy the time spent with them.


Bernadette McClelland