Thrive At The Hive

Collaborating with like-minded Executive Sales Women and Female Sales Leaders in the B2B environment is crucial to the growth and diversity of the sales environment today and into the future. Without standing on feminist soapboxes, we realise that ongoing professional development is critical to success and it is up to us to take responsibility and put our money where our mouth is. Our group operates in Melbourne, Australia.

This community has been designed for a special and committed group of women who want to get the edge, gain new ground and do not want to play small. It is for those who think to themselves, ‘I would love some external influence from industry leaders in other industries, to find out new ideas and new approaches in today’s crazy busy world and be able to contribute to the bigger picture, whilst working on my own outcomes too’.


HandsIt has been a dream of mine to create a mentor based space for women leaders in the corporate sales arena who wish to advance their careers and also support other women keen to find relevant role models.

Women who believe growth occurs exponentially through investment in personal growth, a bias for action and a penchant for caring. With a clear structure and program, we will address areas based on conviction, value driven commercial conversations and contribution.

We will equip you with the strategies to help ourselves and the greater sales community, to ‘step up, show up and speak up’ at every level.


The First Step

And now the first step you need to take is with you. We would love you to join us and take your seat at our table. For more details of our events and our services as well as the women leading the cause, visit our site at Women Who Sell. 


Alternately, simply secure your intention to join us by requesting our application form and emailing it back to The Hive or posting it to PO Box 318, Sunbury, 3429, Victoria, Australia.

Because we wish to provide a personal, meaningful and intimate environment, places in The Hive Public Events are extremely limited by design. Don’t let that deter you though, as we are continually reviewing that status, and if you need any further support or questions answered, please call 1300 935 226 or 0457 334 496 to speak to me (Bernadette) personally, or email us here.

We look forward to speaking with you as you take your results to a new level this year!