The Real Competition

The Real Competition

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We think it’s the company that sells the same as us,

Or the paperwork we have to do,

Or the meetings we have to run,

Or the slackness of our admin team,

Or the lack of urgency of our buyers.

The real competition is ‘no change’.

If we don’t move with times,

Predict the future,

Be prepared to read and learn,

Ask better questions,

If instead, we just…”

Believe the world is flat,

Or smoking won’t kill us,

Or mindfulness is for hippies,

Or our brains don’t need fuelling,

We will become our own biggest competitor.”

I see it every single day. I hear the excuses, I notice the blame. It just slips out, it’s ingrained in our thinking, it’s a default mechanism. But guess what?

Your competition love you for all of that old school thinking, and more….”

They love that you don’t make the calls,

Love that you discount,

Love that your questioning is surface based,

Love that you lead with product because you don’t know what to say,

Love that you leave the closing to them,

Love that decision makers intimidate you,

Love that you don’t find time and energy to upskill yourself,

So who is your biggest competitor?”

It’s not who you think it is, is it?

So, a couple of ideas to use as food for thought to ace yourself this week?

  1. Know Your Rituals: In his autobiography, Rafael Nadal writes as to what gets him into the right frame of mind to take on his competitor: “Freezing cold water. I do this before every match. It’s the point before the point of no return. Under the cold shower I enter a new space in which I feel my power and resilience grow. I’m a different man when I emerge. I’m activated. I’m in “the flow”, as sports psychologists describe a state of alert concentration in which the body moves by pure instinct, like a fish in a current. Nothing else exists but the battle ahead.
  2. Know Your Crew: “Titín bandaged the fingers of my left hand, my playing hand, his moves as mechanical and silent as mine when I wrap the grips around my rackets. There’s nothing cosmetic about this. Without the bandages, the skin would stretch and tear during the game.” We need others around us, those who we can share our strengths, our weaknesses, our vulnerabilities with. Those we know are in our corner. Who are yours?
  • Know Your Stuff: Not only is Nadal an allrounder who can play on all surfaces but he taught himself to play left handed so that he could get the edge on the majority of players who happen to be right handed”. He is committed to his craft with a top spin that leaves his competition in the dust – and they know it! What can you hone more of? Product, demonstrations, public speaking, industry expertise?

Commit and…

Let the game begin!

Bernadette McClelland
Bernadette McClelland

Bernadette McClelland is a Keynote and Sales Kick-Off Speaker, Executive Sales Leadership Coach, and published author. CEO of 3 Red Folders she ensures her clients create double digit, sustainable sales growth and marketplace differentiation through unique programs based on ‘The NeuroScience of Sales Leadership and Sales Process’

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