Workshops, Master Classes and Sales Meetings

Time is tight.


Change doesn’t happen overnight.


People are craving new ideas that they’ve not heard before.



Whether you are looking to change your sales process, align to your target buyer, or jumpstart innovation initiatives, here are some economic and effective ways to provide instant insights and ensure execution.


  • Regular Sales Meetings –  We all need a fresh voice, a provider of different ideas, someone to ask us different questions and provide left of field perspectives to have people think differently, so jazz up 1, 2 or 3 of your predictable, routine sales meetings and get some bonus motivation and inspiration.


  • Master Classes – Let’s drill down into some pretty hot topics that will give you and the team the ‘what’ behind amazing sales growth, they reasons ‘why’ and the ‘how to’s’ with topics such as Mastering InfluenceGet Known and Create More Business, Decoding the Psychology of Selling and yes, we customise.


  • Kick-Off Meetings – EOFY,  New Year and New Quarter kickoffs are always in need of ‘different approaches’ to have the troops thinking along fresh lines.  Remember, ‘We’ve always done kickoffs this way’ are the 7 most deadliest words in sales environments today.


Give you and your team a break. Give me a call on +61 3 9746 2171 or email me here and let’s have a conversation – technology allows us to operate anywhere.